Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my kuroshitsuji copy!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD

1st pic says: Watashi to Kimi (Me and you) O.O" she looks like a lalat (fly)...
last week's DJ NET meeting was sooo damn bored.. no internet... so i just drew those 2 pictures, wallpapers in paint. XD pro eh? *sparkles* 8D i feel like a kindergarten kid =w=

the best news of the day...

OMG YESSSSSSSS!! *jump2* I FINALLY GOT MY KUROSHITSUJI COPY!!!!!!!!!!!! *SCREAMMM* it's like FINALLY! OMG. i've waited for almost half a yearrrrrrrrr!! *continue squeeeeeeeling* bro went to Cineleisure... how u spell that ah? = = he went there today with his NEW car and bought it for me. He says it's my belated birthday present (although I did tell him I want Illjimae instead ;_;), he's like soo shiook lorrr... got new car.. today go hang out with his friend summore... *pouts in jealousy* when's my turn eh? I'm already 17! Mom say after SPM only can go drive. GRR~~

anyway.. ;D hontouni arigatou gozaimasu, nii-chan! XDD i'm too shy to even say that. *smacks myself* it's DVD + OST(original soundtrack)! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I first saw it in his car when he fetch me back from school just now, he's friend sitting in front with him, I wanna squeal like how i used to also buay sai! LATER HIS FRIEND SAY I SIAO ZHA BOR HOW?! O.O"

he also bought Gundam 00 season 2.. but!!!!!!! Lousy packaging laaa! it's neither Lambaian Filem or VScape... ;A; ... and the latest Lawak Kampus comic ;D... yep2


back ♥!

and when i opened the box thingy..
SUPER ZHA DOU WEIH! *falls on the floor*
the cover is a picture of a few old+popular animes like
one piece, dragonball, naruto etc. OMG *falls on the floor again*
whatever la.. bought edi ♥ can watch good liaw. xD

so this is the lousy packaging for G00... ;A;
but i can't wait to watch..

inside... *speechless*
shit sio.. i wanna watch kuroshitsuji le..
but! i can't just leave D-Gray Man alone yet!
there's 2 animes, Zero no Tsukaima season 3 and
S.A. Special, that i've delayed and distracted, i don't want anymore!

about my art folio thingy.. ahahah! DAIJOUBU DESUUUUUUUUU!!~ *peace*
♥ today stay back for seni class tambahan.. so sien la..
those Ramin and Penaga ppl.. i aso duno most of them... lucky got pey zhu XD ♥
the worse is, DOROTHY A.K.A SUPER GLUE!
she's there too! OMG, no right to say that but she's really an eyesore!
she's the one that always 'cling' to Sherie.. and so on. *SIGH~*

pictures of Home Theatre... 8D can you spot 007? XD

collections of furnitures that can be found in home theatres..

and various audio visuals etc...

nice anot? XD aah. lucky teacher say ok..
if not i seriously gonna suffer another 3-4hours doing another set = ="
now needa do sketching of the home theatre landscape,
furnitures etc. ;A;!

friday gonna see him again...

and... what's wrong with me?!!

my blog seemed kinda lonely lately... it makes me even lazy to post already T^T XD

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