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my 200th post

JEEEEEEZ! I just saw the new makeover of Miyavi's homepage :D
AND. The 2nd time I died for him! :D ♥
So I just made a really simple wallpaper out of it for my desktop XD ♥

TOMORROW. I ain't going to school. MAC (Majils Anugerah Cemerlang) is going on the whole day. And I'm not involved, so why should I go? It's not like I enjoy cheering for my friends or anyone I know that is going for it. But congratulations to them anyway! ♥ I rather tuition! O.O"

By the way, remember that essay I had to write for my English :D? TEACHER COMPLIMENT ME. LOL. I can't stop smiling at myself after that, had to hide behind Sherie and books when I do that :D I thought it'd suck! I read so many times(first time I ever did that), and somehow I'm proud of it I don't know why! :D It's not that good actually.. I used the idioms and some nice variations teacher asked us to use. I took an hour plus to finish it.. or almost two.. it took me forever. That's prolly why I can't even write a single fucking FANFICTION since end of last year(when I planned it)!! AGH.

PN.SHAHLAWATI said my essay is very mature and good! O.O" But how is that so? What you think :D I've got 38/50 anyway. Not that high huh? *shrugs*
That night I let my mom read it, uh she asked me to. I couldn't look at her read! I mentioned about family and stuff in it. SO SHY LA! So when she's reading, I hide in her blanket for the whole time pretending to be asleep for a while XD.

I wanna post it! BUT SHIT I needa type it all out. (didn't save in the com ;A;) red word means I it's a mistake. LOL.

The Best Things In Life

Have you ever asked yourself, what are the best things in life? What could be the biggest inspiration that affected your daily life? Sometimes the best things in life could be permanent, it could last for a long period of time, but it won't last forever. Some things are able to affect our emotions, mentally or physically, whether it is good or bad. We are bound to be influenced by certain things, be it from media, or hobbies and interest; this can provide us motivations of what we want to do as our career in the future.

As mentioned before, it was an individual's hobbies and interests that combine with other factors which fill up the space of the best things in life. Because eventually, everyone
do(yeah i realized it's "does") have things they like to spend their time on, doing their best to achieve flying colours in whatever they do. Once we're in a particular kind of industry, it motivates us, and it makes our lives far more interesting than boredom can do. Most of us love music, one of the main reasons why music takes up a big portion of our lives is because it has the ability to soothe our mind and soul, so we could just sit back relax and enjoy the melody, and it feels like we don't have to worry about anything that is happening in the world at all. Typical isn't it? Anything is possible anyway.

However, people with different preferences will have different tastes in the various music genres. Some prefer genres like rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop or punk, in many different languages like Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, English and so on. Once we get to like that particular artist or band, we tend to embrace a hoobby like singing, playing various musical instruments like the guitar, bass, violin or drums, and even dress up similarly like their favourite artists too. A lot of us would love to become one of the most popular people by involving themselves, for example, becoming an actor or singer. They can become successful, if they are able to buck up and give their best, and not just having talent, confidence, or the fact that they can stand on their own two feet without acting strut and swagger. Once they're popular, they too, shouldn't flaunt their wealth ostentatiously. This will definitely affect their pride.

Everyone does have a friend. One or two it doesn't matter. Ever since we were young, we started our education life in a tadika, or primary school, and that's where we will meet our first of friends. It doesn't matter if you couldn't get along at first, as long as we have a conversation to get to know ourselves better, and be interested while the chatter runs endlessly. Someday, you'll be able to hang out with your best buddies, delirious with joy(kinda used it wrongly T^T). If the opponent we are talking to is someone, somewhat his or her personality is similar to yours; this might lead to becoming best friends. Friends might not last long, or forever, but this relationship gives us life, a life that makes our imperfect life not so empty, not so bored, at least. Now we are all grown up, to secondary, and then diverge into colleges, and to other countries to further our studies, we will experience knowing various kinds of people with different races, customs and religions. It is also blessed to get along with friends who share the same interests, and it doesn't matter how different you are. When we go out somewhere with our friends, despite whether the weather is scorching hot or freezing cold, as long as we're together, we're one, we will be as happy as a lark. Because every moment spent is consider (AACK! I forgot about the "ed" behind! ;A;) a small bit of happiness.

Family is how and where we started our lives. Truthfully, we spend most of our times with our family members, mom and dad, and our siblings, they are the one to love and care for us, having the closest relationship that every family should possess. Our beloved parents who ^have (didn't add the "have" =.=") brought us up, despite the fact that we might be a deformed baby, they'd still love us, for who we are, and not who we want to be. Until now, imagine how much they have sacrificed for us, the costs, time and energy, just to make sure we grow up healthily, happily, and to develop a full maturity within us. So that we will become successful and able to achieve what we yearn for in the bright future.

Sometimes you might think, if our parents deeply love us, why do they always scold, nag and lecture us when we land on mistakes? For children who are still immature, young and naive, they would think that their parents hate them, dislike them for being clumsy, childish and such an eyesore. Sooner when they're old enough, they should realize that their parents did this greatly for our own good. Let's just say you are one of the parent, how would you feel if you were to always scold and nag our children once they did mistakes? It would hurt. Even hurt that being the victim of this rage. Parents did this because they also want us to learn our lessons, to realize our wrong for good. The love and care they gave us, we are one of the happiest and lively kids in the world. When they are festivities, there will be holidays. Those days are the best moments to spend our time with our family because this only happens once in a blue moon.

One of the best things in life is also the choice to make decisions. As an individual, we have the right to do, to say, to act what we want to do. Otherwise, we won't be able to fulfil our insatiable curiosities and dreams. We should and must strive for the very best in our life, not only for our own good, remember our parents? Your family who supports you all the time? We should be successful in order to repay our parents' honourable deeds. Show them that you really thankful of them, make them proud, make them feel that they're not ignored, that what they did over the many years never die in vain. Choices, we have choices. With choice, we can manipulate which is bad or good, whic is better and suitable for your questions and desires. With choice, we can be who we want to be. We can be popular or socialistic, do it your way. We can be free. As long as we're using the choice we made for the right things. How prideful it is, choices are! Imagine listening to our own jeering laughs and cheerful joy when we strived to the top!

These are the best things in life we should cherish!


GAH DONE! My language is a little too... average. I know. But I like the ideas I wrote! Somehow! :D Just that made me feel really satisfied! LOL I had PLENTY more to write.. but that time I was just too tired and lazy... ;A;

Next week taekwondo test! I MUST PASS!

Soon! :D

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