Wednesday, April 8, 2009


ACK ACK ACK! ALAMAK~ I thought the connection's already okay le! ;A;
LULZ My bro just download finish Rosario Vampire season 1 and 2..
Of all nice anime why go download this NOOB anime?! LOL. WHY? He say.. cuz of ger ger... =.=" As usual... actually no need to ask wan..
Can't say noob yet... cuz i aso haven't watch ahaha! but judging at the pics.. and what Sherie said. O.O" And oh, Ronald also said it before. He say the girl can suddenly magic here magic there. Crappy sio XD. Lameness. And the girls' boobs can pop and fly here and there and stuff like that. Hentainess O.O Prolly good for humour? ;D BUT! The song is AWESOME! Becuz Nana Mizuki is the one who sang most of the themes. XD

dou da?
totemo shoujo-ish rite?
i think i prefer Zero no Tsukaima moar. 8D
but i like the art.

AHAHAA. I didn't go school today. School is having their Islam thingy the whole day, and all my classmates pakat2 don't wanna come. I also duwan lor! Takkan you want me to go alone?! CHISIN! =.=" And saturday also not going, I rather tuition and buck up my maths skills. One more reason I online is because I wanna continue my ICT assignment.. and.. I did other stuff even moar. Gomen ne kaa-chan! ;A:

*EDIT again cuz i duwanna post too much entries behehehe.

printed this and i bring it to school everyday, put it in front of my pencil case, staring at it every few seconds and i go AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. XD I nearly lost him in the ICT lab the other day! ;A;!! MY PRECIOUS~~~~

eto.. i had nothing to do.. right before the thunder-ing starts ;A;
do i look like him now? :D i know it's a "no". XD there's too much difference bwahaha.
i almost forgot to watch katekyo epi 53. so now i'm currently loading epi 53-56 ;D Sherie say, better to watch until episode 60. *shrugs* cuz now it's critical!! ACK! now watch a few first. Buhuhuhu. Even though I'm watching D-Gray Man now but I still miss katekyo alot ;A; 8D I keep wanting to re-watch that show! XDD

Just now.. when I transfer some of the scans I download don't-know-when, I looked through those Gackt scans.. GAAH GACKT!!!!!!!!! GAGACKT! GAGAK! O.O" *falls off the chair*

Teh first and teh last is teh LOVE. 8D
The last pic... *licks lips*
Makes me wanna RAPE SIO!
oh no you can't *w*

imagine it's Uru and I'm Aoi/Ruki

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