Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kimi dake wa hoshii!

Maannn! I like this banner! :3 WO. Now the price is RM74.45 ~ I still want!! :3

*YAWN* so tired XD I've been onlining like 8hour plus already! OMFG! I really needa off haha! Tomorrow going 1u with Pey Zhu.. aww sooo sad Shuyi can't go ;_;... so what will both of us do there? =u= XD!

Awwh! Today never do stalking :3 Just download songs from 'new' bands, -OZ- and Lamina. En en! XD NICE LEH THEIR SONGS. EN EN! :D Cuz alot ppl say nice.. so I also listen lo... :P Shhitt! I needa listen more of the others before I get into another oneee... *control control*

Nowadays I keep listening to Zodia.. even though they already disband ;_; soooooo waste!! Nth wrong with the vocalist's voice aso! My blog song, Doukoku! :D First time listen via my radio then fall in love with it STRAIGHT AWAY! ZODIA FTW!!! ♥ I could listen to it whole day...

ZOMG SOU!! *glomps him up*

Yuki, Ryuto, Ban and Ryosuke. OMG BAN scary sia =u= ... Ryo-san! :3

Oh I forgot to post about SuG! HAHAHA! They're all so cute now... Takeru looks ALOT better.... XD ♥ I nver take my own SS this time.. hahahah *evil snort*


Takeruuu!!~~~~ Yuji so pink O.O

O.O! Takeru's freckles! O.O!~~~~~

I always loved his cute smiles and dimples ♥ XD

MOM!! LOL 8D ♥

Sexy pose! ♥_♥

Another pink HAHA!


OwnSkin Preview
My phone theme! YAY! :3333333333333333333333333333333333333

I'm gonaa take a nap. Then continue watching Zero no Tsukaima! TATAAA! :D TOMORROW HOLIDAY YAY! :D

^ Zero no Tsukaima - Princesses no Rondo ~~~ season 3 !

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