Friday, March 13, 2009


Next week holiday! *waltzing with uru in my imaginations*
Okey. Lazy type what's happening nowadays LOL.
About my results, so far not bad! XD I GOT HIGHEST FOR MY BAHASA MELAYU PAPER IN BOTH CLASSES AGAIN!! BWAHAHAHAHAH! *proud* And my highest is my english.. lol... ~_~ I got A! WAKAKAKA. swt.

But ler.. just now when dad fetch me back from school. I ask him can or not, then he like don't trust that websiteee, and say all kinds of usual craps ;_; He say I at least need to receive my first goods that I ordered so that can order another one, smth like that. HE DAMN BLUR CASE LOR. So I explained OVER again that the release that is @ april. Until end of april only can receive. I meant the PSC 10th DVD thingy LOL. I told him yesasia already email-ed me the confirmation, firstly the mail said that they received the money order cheque SAFELY, GOOD, then 2nd mail, it's done processing and successed, and then I only have to wait until the release daaaaaaate.

So he say I must let him see that mail they sent to me. He sounds convincing, about letting me buy DC. So okay fine! I'll let you see! *point point at those mails* LUCKY I haven't delete it. *PHEW* SHIT WEIH. SO WILL HE STILL LEMME BUY? *emo* he sounded like he's lecturing me... *curls in my bed and emo emo emo*

I'm saving this link to read tomorrow, now tired! HEHEH. Got tuition homework and tomorrow tuition. *keeeps my darlings into the closet until I'm done with my work* XD

... but I can't resist to post this wallpaper, at least! *DIESSS*
... you know... I screamed when I first saw Uru's pics when I saw the 7th Anniversary pamphlet scans... XD

*DIE DIE DIE* I WANT TO RAPE HIM. CAN I CAN I? He's so clever. He HID, or should I say, SHIELD up that 'part'. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. *biting pillow*
and his shirt is SOOO LOOOSE.. *stares like a perv*

I wanna pose the other scans... but I'm tired.. and i'll leave it for the next day! XD AM SO GONNA CHANGE LAYOUT. *can't wait*
PS Company Carnival DVD preview

- Miyavi! zomg! His guitar plays is just AWESOME!! as always~ *is in love*
- what song Mvy singing eh? Neo visualism? *scribble2 & saves to download list*

I steal this... *is a pro ninja robber*

Is this really uru's board?! :DDDDDDDD *saw his name*


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