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the GazettE's Interview - Neo Genesis vol. 33

... Uru looked so cute! :3 ♥ *random*
... so I read their interview(translation) @ Neo Genesis vol.33 ~ link
... I can't stop LOL-ing the whole time! They are seriously, CUTEEEEE!!!! *SCREAAAAAMS til glass breaks*
.... I wanna dig out some part! Gomen ne, translator-san *bows*
... SHIT i heard thunder! *type fast fast*


- So what do you do individually?
Ruki: Before I go onstage, I face the stage and clap twice then bow. As a courtesy.
Uruha: Like a sumo wrestler before stepping into the arena.
Reita: I sprinkle salt


Ruki: Frisk? For me, whenever Uruha takes out the Frisk, I won't be satisfied until I have one.
Uruha: Seriously~ Even though it's my Frisk, for some reason everyone ends up eating them.
Aoi: Oh, those were yours? I never knew that. They were just sitting in a tray, so I thought it's ok to eat them.
Uruha: They're mine. I have to have some before a live. When I eat them I wake up.

I WANT URU'S FRISKS!! te... what is that exactly? Part of the clothes? ROFL. *Q*

Aoi: If you're talking about something you get from someone else, it's cigarettes.
Uruha: My cigarettes would run out about 3 times faster.
Ruki: Yeah, I did ask for cigarettes a lot.
Uruha: If I left a pack on the dashboard of the equipment van, all of a sudden the seal would be broken.
Reita: It was your fault for leaving it there (laugh)

*laughs at uru's sentence* HAHA. XD ROFLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL REITA! *falls off the chair LOL'ing* That sounded sooo cutee! I wanna see how's Uru's reactions ♥

Uruha: But it wasn't like you were singing while the song was playing through speakers. I was holding the MTR and Ruki was doing his best to sing while wearing headphones, so you could hear me laughing.
Ruki: I reeally hated that
Uruha: (laugh) I was like, "Don't mind me"
Ruki: At that time, for a while I didn't like singing in front of people, so we didn't have songs on it.
Uruha: It was really funny because you sang it all just saying "La"....

*imagine Uru holding the MTR* KYUTEEEE!! That part he said don't mind me I couldn't stop repeating it. La~~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Uruha: Didn't you have shoes that looked like hamburgers? Because I had a fan point something out to me, too. I went into Rokumeikan in short pants and sneakers with no socks. I was told, "Uruha-san, that doesn't work", but I didn't get what was bad about it (laugh).
Ruki: But Reita wore aloha shirts with a towel around his neck. You totally looked like a guy who lived at the beach.
Reita: I was so cool back then~ (laugh)

Hamburgers O.O! Short pants *Q*, sneakers with no socks, LOL!! ♥ Smelly leh x3 AHAHAHAHA Reita living @ the beach, that'd be cool! XDDD

Ruki: I dyed Uruha's hair, too
Uruha: That was fun
Ruki: Since we didn't have money to go to a salon. Aoi-san had blonde hair and wore Cowichan Sweaters. The red one with reindeer on it.
Aoi: Shutup! It was Jeans Mate (laugh)
Ruki: And after that, a long fur coat
Uruha: That had punch to it
Aoi: .........
Ruki: Ah, then it changed to a grey fur coat. That was pretty amazing, too.

*geeky laugh* Uruki FTW!! So loving *nuts* XDDD ROFL AOI HAHAHAHHAHAHH!! *grabs my stomach*

- Have you ever seen the members doing something really weird? For example at the hotel while you're on tour or something.
Kai: The strangest one would be Ruki. With the other members, even if our rooms are separate we'll still run into each other in the hallways, but I honestly never see Ruki.
Aoi: I saw him once!! He was in a knitted hat and wearing a face mask, also wearing the hotel bathrobe and slippers. I was like, "This never happens!"
Ruki: No, I just wanted to go buy some juice. And I didn't want to be seen by anyone....
Uruha: Wouldn't it be worse to be seen like that?
Ruki: I never knew that Aoi-san saw me (laugh)


- So what about any weird things you do during your daily life?
Reita: There is something that made me think, "Is this just me?". When I get out of the bath, I dry off my whole body with a hair dryer.
Ruki: Ehhh?
Reita: I dry off a little first, though. Then it feels really good to get completely dried out with a hair dryer. Your pajamas go on easily too, so you should definitely try it today.
Uruha: Kind of like that, I dry off before I get out of the bath. I swipe off the water on me with my hands, then ring out my hair.

Reita dried his whole body with hair dryer *perv* *Q*! ♥ URUUUUUUUU!!~~~~ *diesss* i'm turned on a lil wakakakakaka -.-V

- Are there any weird things you do when eating, or weird things you eat?
Ruki: There is something that I always do..... You know the candy called Happy Tan?
Uruha: Don't tell me, you lick it?
Ruki: Yeah. I'm not satisfied until I lick it halfway and then eat it.
Uruha: This guy loves flavors.
Ruki: I'll also just take the chocolate part off of Pocky.
Uruha: I get that! I also eat the chocolate parts of Kinoko no Yama first too. But it doesn't work with Takenoko no Sato.
Ruki: I don't feel the same about that one (laugh). I'll also eat just the middle of a cream puff first.
Aoi: So you want to make it twice as good.
Reita: That's thinking like a poor person.
Aoi: Definitely like a poor person.

KYAA. Ruki's just too CUTE!! XDD He's same as me! :D:D:D Reita and Aoi's reply is LOLness.

- What about a great point of Kai-kun that you don't want to change?
Ruki: If he'll keep forgetting stuff like always


Aoi: But I don't have his number saved in my phone, so I didn't know who it was from.
Kai: O--i! Save it already! (laugh)

omg LOL Aoi! How can?! XD HAHAHAHAH!!

(sorry i took the whole of this awwww XD) Uruha-san dakara ;)
- What about Uruha-kun?
Kai: He goes by his own pace
Aoi: He might be the one who hasn't changed the most. I think because he doesn't waver regarding what he has.
Uruha: .....It's embarrassing being the center of attention!
Kai: The shy Uruha-kun.
Uruha: .......That's it?
Kai: You really don't change (laugh)
Reita: But there are things he gets worked up about. In the past, a roadie got into an accident and I got hit in the head and neck. I was taken to a hospital in Saitama, and Uruha called my parents living in Kanagawa, and they later told me that he offered to come pick them up. That sort of made me tear up.
Uruha: Though if they had said, "Ok, please do", I don't know what I would have done.
Reita: Hey! (laugh) Wouldn't it be better to not say that now?
Uruha: Ah, um, yeah!
Reita: Well in the end my parents came themselves!
Ruki: Then what's the point!
Reita: But, well, the thought made me happy
Aoi: Now let's move on to what hasn't changed about me
Reita: Am I last? I'll be like the butt of the joke.
Ruki: Aoi-san had more of an aloof image before.
Uruha: But isn't he the most human?
Reita: Aoi-san will treat us even now. A while ago, he.....what was it again?
Uruha: What was it?
Reita: You know, you guys shouldn't forget what people have done for you.
Kai: Then you say it.
Reita: Eh?
Ruki: He treated us at Royal Host.
Reita: He's always treated us to nikuman.
Ruki: How many times are you going to talk about nikuman?
Reita: (laugh) That generosity is pretty manly.
Ruki: Unexpectedly, he'll do almost anything for you if you ask him.
Aoi: Though no one really asks
Ruki: But if you do ask he'll definitely do it grudgingly

"The shy uruha-kun." CUTEEEE!! XDDD Now you know why I love him so much? ROFL. Rei is touched~! ♥ LOL nikuman LOLOLOL

Uruha: His network of information is amazing.
Reita: Say "information network". [Correcting each others' language again]

*dies of their cuteness*

- Are you getting embarrassed?
Reita: ...........
Uruha: Eh, are you embarrassed?
Reita: ........... (blush)

REI!!!! *SQUISH HIM* KAHAHAHAHA! I love guys who blush! TOTALLY CUTEEE! x33333333333333333 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Aoi: Whenever Ruki says to me, "Let's go clothes shopping", I always say "Yeah, let's go", but if I invite him he'll never go.
Ruki: (laugh) That's just a characteristic of B blood types. If I'm not interested in something, then I'm not interested. And I won't invite people. When I went with Reita it was a chance to do my own shopping as well, so I went.
Reita: I mailed him saying, "Do you want to go shopping?", but he didn't reply. Then he called me and was like, "Come pick me up".
Uruha: That's not a good conversation at all!

LOLOLOLOLOL!!! *bangs table* SO RANDOM. I LOVE IT. "Come pick me up." HAHAHA!! HAHAH!! *canot stop myself* HAHAHAHAHAHHA. XDDDDDDDD omigoshh Rukiii!!! *squeeeeeeeze him*

Ngeehehehe! And so my table nearly collapse.

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