Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nega's Muddy Cult PV

^ Jun from Phantasmagoria
ohmygawd.. he looked so goood ♥ *melts*

Anyone watched Nega's Muddy Cult pv yet?
SHIT It's fucking horrible, but exciting at the same time. XD
I already downloaded it like 2-3 days ago but haven't watch yet, and I didnt know it was that bad!! :D
Freaked me out, many people said that it's really terrible and disgusting, some said it's awesome whatever.
I thought it was horror or something, so before that I covered almost the whole of my face and get ready LOL!
OMFG. Totally explicit O.O! I thought "it" was fake at first but it's REAL OMG. It's totally exposed. *gritting teeth*
Not only that one zzz It's very very EXTREMEEELY violent! O.O" I have no idea how to explain it...
I took some screencaps.. of course I don't take the really explicit ones XD!!
I don't wanna explain each pics... I feel so SICK *_*
There's a part.. he used his hand and just dig in the girl's stomach and dig out all the.. intestines? OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG It's so fucking real I'm gonna... *dies*
I was frowning in disgust the whole time... *vomit sound*

^ I've gotta admit he really looks good in this pv.. *Q*

the PV .___________.V

YouTube still keeping it LOL!
But PLEASE don't watch it if you have a really innocent mind! ROFL XDDD
It feels like a part of a movie.. 8D So epic LOL

^ I feel bettah after looking at this pic haha!! I've got the Uruki one in my LJ. Hmm hmm XD YAOI RULEZ! YAY! O.OV

Anyway, I'm just feeling lazy to update about what's happening nowadays.. plus my phone USB malfunctioning. DAMN!

After I know when is Sou's bday, I've been listening to Lolita23q's songs repeatedly the whole day yesterday! Tonite also. I think. Cuz I wanna watch the movie I borrowed from my uncle. The guy LOOKS HOT! OMG~

OMG Tomorrow's Ruki's birthday!! WOOOOOOOHOOO!!! 8D
Should I spam graphics out of him? LOL XD
*whispers* oh Mika! I didn't forget yours of course LOL 8D

^ It's incomplete WAKAKA. But he looks gorgeous ♥_♥

YES YES!! Since dad won't lemme use his credit card, he lets me use check instead!! *jump jump* But the thing is, I'm so worried if the check will "get lost" after I post it. And I don't even know whether his check can use in other country! ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz... The biggest problem, they only accept US dollars. I already mailed them yesterday and I got the answer this morning :

Dear Christine,

Thank you for shopping at!

In reference to your enquiry about check, please be noted that we only accept US dollars. Once we received your check, we will process your order again. However we are not responsible if the check is lost during delivery. The clearing time for check /money order payments will depend on the location of your check's issue bank. Usually, it will take up to 7 business days.

For more information about check or money order, please refer to the following link.

Once again, thank you very much for your continued support of

Please DO NOT REPLY to this email directly. Should you have any further inquiries, please refer to our Help section for assistance.
US and Canada customers:
Customers from the rest of the world:

Best regards,
Alice Lee
Customer Service Department Ltd.


That's like mostly of it. Lol XD

Eh? If use check, how to write the money as US dollars? LOL!!! I never use check to post to other countries before so... =.= ANYONE HELP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hopefully dad will find out the solution soon... ;_; HOPEFULLY can use his check ! AWWWWWWWWW... I'm so desperate...

Yesterday potluck was FUN! YAY! But it ended so fast.. =.=

I updated my music section.. Wuuu ;_;

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