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Dunno what to post today haha! :D So sienz, but got mood make another layout. Not for my blog lah, cincai play play then post in nia. I'm thinking about Code Geass anime lor, I surf my Code Geass gallery (so many pics) @_@, then I decided to pick this one of Euphy and Suzaku.

I'm gonna explain abit about these two love birds :D
Okay first of all, this HOT dude, his name is Kururugi Suzaku, call him Suzaku can edi. In this anime, he's Lelouch (the main HOTTER dude) best friend, but end up separating, going different "roads" etc. Why leh? *starts crying* Suzaku is Lelouch first friend ever. I'll skip to conclusion no need so much details XD. Suzaku is a Japanese, and Lelouch is a Britannian. They first met is @ Suzaku's hometown(forgot what is it called), together with Lelouch's younger sister, Nunally. And yah, they made friends, although both of their personalities etc are very diff. Lelouch and Nunally is the prince and princess of Britannia, but kena "thrown" off to Japan cause of some deceitful reasons. OK ENOUGH OF TOO MUCH INFO. JUMP JUMP! D:

This beautiful pinky lady is Euphemia, another princess of Britannia, and she's once Lelouch's lover. Suzaku became her knight, cause she chose him, although there are alot of objections because she wasn't suppose to chose a japanese, and from all lists of ideal knights. Bla bla bla alot things happened, these two come to like each other (awww). Bla bla bla. One time Zero(behind the mask is Lelouch) accidentally cast a command on her, using Geass power, he was just joking, and didn't realise his Geass had went loose, so he said "What if I ask you to assassinate all japanese?", (wah I still remember XD), and then she go wild and kill every japanese, that time Lelouch had no choice but to kill her (he didnt tell anyone including Suzaku about the accident), so Suzaku misunderstood that, he starts to have a grudge on him, hate him, and wanting to kill him. Bla bla bla bla. :D

Here's the pic, not orignal, I cropped the main part and edit the brightness and contrast XP!! I got almost all of my Code Geass pic @ ;

Edited, spam brushes haha! Added effects and text,
The text "xtinegazerock's property =p" is nothing!!
I'm just marking my property! IGNORE THAT! :D:D
NICE ANOT ? xPP I know it's damn pink. HEHE.


To view the whole thing, go HERE .
Live Preview? HERE .


PS: The pic may look blur. Its not BLUR. I added the canvas effect! :D Plus the background, it's not pixellated~ It's like that de~ HAHAHA~ LAWL.

Yesterday so damn damn happy, wait, issit yesterday? Ah whatever. Got few reasons hahaah. Main one is erh, I saved MORE gazette scans!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! *jumps around hands in the air* Not just gazette scans, it's PSC (PS Company) guitarists! WOOOO!!! So what? AIYO. GUITARISTS LEH!!! :D PSC artists are the GazettE, Alice Nine, Kra, Kagrra, Miyavi and forgot got who liao etc. THEN? Who is the guitarists of GazettE?! XDDDD AAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! URUHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And oh, erm, ahem, and Aoi. XDD Alice Nine is, Tora. OMFG HIS EYES. And Hiroto, OMFG HE'S SO CUTEEE XDD~ Okay i'll explain in each pic. I took long time editing the pics T_T. Lazy to resize laaaa. Nvm I already mark my name BUAHAHAHAHA! Want originals? XP Ask me in person ohohohohoo xD. Nothing special la, I never edit so seriously, SO MANY! DIE LE! XDDD~. Next time baru edit nice nice hahahaha. Ahem, pardon my broken language. =X


2nd and 3rd hottie is Tora and Miyavi :D, woootz Miyavi sexy! HAHAA~ wah even wearing so so tight pants x3

URUHAA!!!! OMFG LURVE that POSE NYAAAAA!!!~~.. 2nd duno who, 3rd Hiroto OMFG SO COOL~ and its RED!!, 4th Aoi! NICE POSE xD~

Hiroto && Uruha. Somehow they look kinda match xDDD *shh later Ruki jealous heheheheh*
(i melted....) AGHHHHHH Uru's expression killed me! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Tora ~ woooot tingginyaa~, dunno who, Aoi ~ nice expression! :D, Hiroto ~ GAAHH Kakkoii!!! XDDD!! = SEXY BEASTS! :D

Dunno who but kinda cute XD, Uruha! ~ SEXYYYY nyaaaaaaa!!!, Dunno who, Miyavi-san ~ Fuuuuhh*

It's Miyavi with his guitar PEEPS! :D

ALL OF THEM!! AWESOMEEE~~ XDDD *stares at Uru & Hiroto...*

I present you, the PRINCE of GUITAR! HAHA! -_-V xDDDDDDDDDD *hot hot hot hot hot...*

Yah, he looks diff here, but who cares, still as hot as ever. xPPP (gomen gomen have to cover the hair, i duwanna cover your sexy hands xDDDD) WOOOO~! I WANIWAN I WANT HIS GUITAR~!!! XDDDD

Hiroto + his guitar = WOOOOOOOOO! Hiroto~~ Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww!~

NYAAAAGH!! Aoi's guitar! SO YENGGGGGG!!!! IWANIWANIWAN xDDD Spiky & Blacky ~ xD

The changes I like the most is Hiroto! OMFG. He looked more matured and cooler now! I nearly can't recognize him~ xD NYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! xDD Uruha-san look abit diff, but I LIKE IT! MUAHHHX!~ And herm, Tora's EYES ! WAH~ Can kill ppl siaa XDD~ But his hair abit guai guai di. xD Aoi leh~ Same and cool as always XDD!!! Conclusion, I must stalk Kra and Kagrra liao. Since they are also PSC labelled XD~. *continue fan-girl-lizm-ing* ;

WTF. Can't upload all today, connection SUX ! Will post all pics for the next posts. Or if i'm lucky I'll edit this post hahaaa. *FUCK*.

Made My OWN USE icon xDD~ Only him~ HEHE. Of course will make others also la, not now la. HEE~

Lots of Love :D

*too much love given*

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