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My head gonna explode! I'm trying to continue writing my fan fic today in the end I just ran out of ideas! >____< ||| What kind of story I'm writing? HEHEH. It's about Yaoi yo! Yaoi? Click HERE and READ it if you dunno. Wakaka. Yaoi BANZAI~! I'm posting this entry to cool down my temple ~.~ DAMN. I used 1 hour plus and I'm only at my first page! Eeee lambat macam siput laaah. xD

So far only finished Prologue. Chapter ONE only ONE page. AAAIHH. I still think that my english is a little too SIMPLE. Need more proness. Hohoh.

Since I so eng, here's one small part of my chapter one :

It was nearing midnight, and a young blonde was sitting alone in his room, with his cup of milk beside, by his writing table, he’s flipping through pages of his notebook that is filled with pictures, news, notes – which contents only picture his favorite idol. Mind overflowed with desperate, unconscious feeling of wanting to meet this person so badly made him unaware of his surroundings. There are sounds of car engines outside his house together with unclear conversations of his neighbours. It sounded lively. But he was too focused on his notebook so he did not; however, never bother to give a single thing about it.

“You are so beautiful,” He said to one of the picture....................

HOHOHO. So how's it? Interesting tak? = =" Sure bo lah, only 1 paragraph nia. Actually not ran out of ideas, I just don't know how to use and combine words. I'm really not suit for an author's job huh~


Yesterday night I chat with KoonIe dearrr again, she gave me a link to this REALLY HOT gazette picture. Ah, so I opened it. WOOW. I saw a dude, shirtless, wet, and with a SEXY POSE!

But WAIT. It's GazettE right? (well that's what it says in that album) But how come I don't know who is it?! (too noob?) Is that Uruha? My darling Uru? I asked her. She say she don't know too. TwT Seriously, I think that's Uru. I recognize his LIPS , and his expression! =D Have a look. (i edit it and + a heart shape to it hehe).


OH MY GAWD. I'm gonna get nosebleeds! xD PLEASE tell me it's Uru~ anyone.. SO SO HOTTT!! *screams* I think it's because of his hair I couldn't recognize it. But even if it's not Uru, it's still hot right? xD

Kays. Enough of that, later nosebleed macam mana?! xD
Last night I also went "hunting" for more GazettE scans. Found MANY MANY MANY more, cuz I keep viewing previous entries so that I could grab everything in that site. Thank you so so much rawkstarr23 for posting ALL the scans! I will treasure ALL your hardworks! =) MUAHH~

Of all AWESOME scans, I post only a small portion of it for now. Some I cropped it. NOT ORIGINAL sizes as usual, cuz I don't own them originally, and I duwanna neglect the fact that it's other people's hard work. I really couldn't deny these beautiful scans I wanna post it up! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~


Kai && Reita. *DROOLS*

Beloved Uruha

MANNN this is HOT!

Last night too, at around 10.30 pm, my DAD came "fetching" back my mom's laptop (when I'm still using it) say that he wanna use a while and he'll put it outside so that I can get it back later. He wouldn't let me use when I went to his room and ask "use finish liao anot?". I think, I THINK, he thinks that I watch those XXX movies. Cause the other day mom told me about dad complaining I watch those. (well it's a good thing mom never butt in) . And last night when I want the lappy back he say "Wanna watch tomorrow only watch la, hor." D:<!!! WHAT! I was in the middle of hunting scans and not THOSEE!!


THAT really pisses me off! SO WHAT? SO WHAT?! I mean, even if I DID watch those, that's FREAKING NONE of your DAMN business! Why butt in? WHY butt in my personal life? I know I have no right to say this, and I REALLY appreciate that you let me use whenever (not always) I want, plus it's free (cause i'm not the one paying for the bills). I REALLY DO appreciate and thankful for it. But, I want him to know that I'm fully aware of what I'm doing and I won't do anything that affects my studies or some other aspects. I want him to know that I'm a big girl now I'm not as immature as you think I am. I know what is right and what is wrong, it might be a no, but I'm really confident.

Alright, enough of this. No mood now. Back to my story writing! :))))))))))

OH NO! BAD WEATHER! Oh ya, story writing doesn't need internet uses. Weee~ Heheh.

PS: I my current MSN dp.
Too bad he ain't pointing middle finger. :(



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