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NEWS: More GazattE Graphics Made & Posted Here @ My LJ ;D
Got Wallpapers, Headers, Friends Only Banners(LJ use only), and Icons. xD


I've nothing much to say today. Hmm, I went to GazettE Official MySpace and I watched the new video about the surprise live @ Shinjuku the other day. It was really fun to look at XD! Can't find it in youtube, but thanks to a user in LJ, he/she ripped that video and uploaded it. It can be found in gazette_media . WEEEE~ That live was awesome but so sad that it had to be canceled. More details here .

I saw a post somewhere, in gazette media I think. They mentioned about Reita teamed up with Yamashita for some brand, Snaked Lows. Harr? And so I googled it. OH. WOOOTZ! Found SUPER COOL item!! The bracelets! OMG I WANT IT AARGHH. I saved the pictures XD. It says that the two of them (Reita and Yamashita) have been planning for over 10 months, finally they created their first item, this bracelet. OMFG LOOK AT THE PRICE!! Here's the detail ;

Reita from the GazettE has teamed up with DEAL DESIGN’s Yamashita for the collaboration brand, 【SNAKED LOWS】!

The two of them have been planning the brand for about ten months now, and have finally created their first item; a bracelet. The design incorporates an iron cross, which has deep significance to both of the designers plus the S mark and snake which are used to as icons for their brand. To mark the brand, they’ve created a bracelet will come packaged in an accessory box and come with an original sticker. Those who order theirs before the end of 2008 will also receive a snaked lows bandanna.

They began taking reservations at the beginning of the month and will start sending the shipments out on the 20th of the month. The bracelet costs 39,900 yen (roughly $405 USD).

On the site they also have the story of SNAKED LOWS plus further information on the design of the SNAKED LOWS bracelet. The brand started in February of 2008 when Reita and Yamashita decided to create a collaboration brand.

In April, using inspiration from the “Cross Guard Brace” and “Hell’s Guitar” design that Reita had loved for many years, the SNAKED LOW bracelet was designed and the first samples were made. However, if they were going to create a new brand, Reita felt that there would have to be a different nuance with DEAL in there and they therefore worked together and added the 「S」 icon into the design.

Below are photos of the “Cross Guard Brace” (priced at 47,250 yen; $480 USD) and “Hell’s Guitar” (priced at 99,750 yen; $1015 USD).

More info here . Thanks to them.

Aren't those accessories beautiful?! FISH! I that bracelet in the 4th pic! XDDD Reita's hand SEXY! WOOO~

What else ah?~ Hmm, I hunted 250 pictures today @ photobucket. WOOO! Some pics drive me insane, some made me squeal! XDD ❤❤❤ ~

Uruha @ Guren Live. OMFG!!!... *melts* ❤❤❤❤❤

Ruki in Pikachu suit. AWWW SOO KYUTEE!!! XDD
And that's a RED handphone!! :O!

This is EVEN CUTER!! Uruha in Daisy Duck costume~!! *SCREAMS* ❤ ❤ ❤

HAHA! The BEST! Kai~

Reita looks cute here. ~
AGH! His hair! *jealous*

HOT Live. ~

He's my dork . Heee.

Coolness Rate ; OVERFLOW!!! ❤v❤

*SQUEALS* Reita carrying Ruki ~ . AWWWH SO KYUTEE!! xDDDDDDD


Ruki X Uruha


"Oh Uruha stop it!~"
Ruki X Uruha


I stunned when I first saw these 2 pics. Then started smiling really widely, after that, I squealed loudly, and then SHOUTED, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!", "OMFG I LOVE THISSSSS!!!!", "AWWW I lovee these two!!!"
In amazement! :D
I'm totally a Yaoi fan! XD
I support Ruki X Uruha as Yaoi Lovers!
Uruha X Aoi is not bad too! ~ ;)
Ruki X Uruha FOREVER! =D

Ruki X Uruha = Uruki ;)

Both of them really match.
Agh I so wanna write my fanfiction now.

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