Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our "ART"


Our drawings? Who?
HAHAAH. I REALLY love drawing, especially anime, the thing is, I can't draw that well, and I'm really really lazy at most times. So it's been months since I last "copied" a picture, not trace it's C-O-P-Y! :) And I found out that I'm only good at copying! As I said, I'm mostly lazy, what I meant is, lazy to start copying a nice picture of anime, not randomly drawing! I ALWAYS draw randomly depending on my mood almost everyday! Especially in school :) Perfect or not I'll keep it because very the SAYANG la.. XD

No no, I don't draw alone much. You see, this year I've met someone.. well.. someone with the same interest as me, what? Anime larh! =) A FRIEND! :D Oh.. who is it? Aiyoh, her name is.. *looks around without anyone noticing*.. SHER YEE! A.k.a Sherie hehehhe. She's a total jap and anime freak, TOTALLY. Like how? Hmm. See? I've still got interest with real life GUYS. Oh she doesn't y'know. Hehehe. It's okay though we have our own preferences in life after all. :) Okay enough, this post is not about "talking about friends" and stuff. Btw, we were always goofing around in class and teachers would like, "Sher Yee.. Mei Lian..", bla bla bla.. I remember the teacher was Pn Daljit and Pn Tan, don't misunderstood I like them! :)


First of all, would you like some Total Black Desserts? :D

Papillon from Busou Renkin. This is my best friend. XD (PS : LOOK EVERY INCH OF IT AND YOU'LL find something INTERESTING :D).

Sherie's best friend ^^. Moonface from Busou Renkin. :D

Sherie like this alot, and she keep staring at it whenever she saw it. Hahaha. I don't like it!


No comment.

Oh I like her hair. =D

No comment.

Simply draw the body. Cute ? :)

Let me present.. Shouri from Kyou Kara Maou desu! Yuuri's brother. The female version. hahaha. I understand if you don't know.

Kim and Sherie say this look like some "uncle" in Alice Academy. "uncle"? T_T I love this.

The "falling" Tamaki Suou from Ouran High School. Just a sketch. Cause I pause the show. I find it really really funny and cutee!!

The chibi me. Wanted to draw everyone but lazieee... = ="

Aww I like that guy.. hahha.. the girl says "ogokuteru?" means "angry?"...

Left, bandaged magician. Right. No Idea. And WTH is she holding?! BANANA?! zzzzzz *slaps myself*

Random drawing. I labeled it "sher yee" and she squealed then she conteng my name all over it. Isn't she cruel? T_T

He looks like he's possessed. Well he IS.

Love his eyes. So lonely.

Copied this, too free liaos. It's the young Lelouch from Code Geass. SO NGAM, SO CUTE. :)

No comment.

OMG. It was supposed to be a cute girl! Sherie conteng it! NOOO. Actually, she thought I used PEN and draw, so she used mechanical pencil and conteng, in the end she realised and it was too late. T_T

Sherie's art. This is Akira from Monochrome Factor. OMG I'm lovin' it. It doesn't look like him. I still love it anyway . :D

This is also Akira. She say she copied it from the com. Too bad the face is....oh wait.. MASAKA! She ate his face! LAWL.

No comment.

Everybody loves this. I wonder? It looked so senget-ed.

I LOVE this alot! XD It's a pet from Eureka Seven. But I didn't draw it's limbs. = =

Mini people. Tamaki's spirit(SO CUTEEE!!) . Swt i'm praising my own art = =. *slaps myself again*. The kungfu spirit dude so "fei".

My knight. Haha. I refered the down half body parts to the Ragnarok Artbook thingy.

This whole picture, I like the one says "Wolfram Von Bielefeld" most. Who? My favorite character from Kyou Kara Maou. :D The cutie blondie!

It says Shibuya Yuuri.

Whoever watches Zero no Tsukaima : Futatsuki no Kishi (season 2) will know who is this. OH so HOT! :) Why look so drafty? Errr.. I pause the show then draw. Couldn't take it anymore :D

"When you're happy and you know it clap your HAIR~..."

"Awww..." is all I could say.

Ze pineapple head. I heard that this character got in Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. SWT?

Sherie's ghost ladeh.

Me and Sherie's dumb art. It's the so called "Herman" and "Ronald". It's ze two guys in my class.

See my weapon so yeng! LOL kidding!

My "Evil Pau". CUTE HUH? :D

No comment.

"SHER YEE ARLINES". As you can see, that's HER flying. It also says "Tondeike! Tondeku!" means, fly! FLY!

Sherie draw me! Wa, how I wish I had those pair of eyes. :D But the fringe is WRONG. So it ain't ME. ^^

My unfinished comic. = ="

I like her eyes. :D

This is ME! Sherie DRAW ME! HAHA! CUTE LEHS... XD And the little ponytail there, aww soo CUTEEEEEEEEE!!! XDD *hugs and kisses it*

This was sherie's instinct. Did you see anything abnormal? DO YOU? AHAHA. She say she thought the girl's shirt was a FLOWER POT! OMG. LOL. We LAUGHED LIKE SHIT. ;D! And she resurrected me XD

Do this looked like a weapon to you? I was drawing something like a feather sword y'know. Sherie says, the bottom part is the ROOTs and the upper part is the flower. I was like "WTH, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" And I died. YAY thanks to Ee Ling, she say it DOES look like weapon. XD

The 6.. no no, The 4 Tamaki's expressions! CUTE RIGHT? :D

Tamaki's puppy eyes. Its unescapable.

Saw something "cheeky"? His UNDIES! HAH! I think it's cute! Sad thing, so many ppl's reaction is like "sweat..."

Can see what it says? "Sherie ruined my lil' baby", and "disgusting karada" means disgusting body. LOL

Ze 4 girls in 4 Meranti. From top left to right bottom, Kimberley, Sherie, Me and Ee Ling. Te.. Why am I the SMALLEST of them ALL? :'(

Welcome to my MEN's Boutiqe. LOL

And Welcome to my LADIES' Boutique. LOL

The chibi my cousin Cindy, and me. Wanted to post to her but haven't XD.

Just now was chibi now is the .. "big" type.. left is her the right is me.. SO LAME! :D Low level class art. :)

Closer look.

Copied. Zero no Tsukaima season 2. Saito and Louise the couple!

Copied. The unfinished Shibuya Yuuri. LAWL.

Copied. At first it was just sketch, in the end....

This is Eva from the Fatal Chaos comic,, karya BEN. LOVE this comic, waiting to buy the fourth book.

Oh hello again!

You like my designs? HAHA.

Like the eyes.

Copied. Lelouch from code geass. LOVE that pose.

Also Lelouch.

Lelouch and Suzaku. And.. the cat.. many people was like "oh the cat so cute" , "omg the cat cute leh" , "wa the cat look so kesian" . I'm like.. are they paying any attention to the main characters? = =" :D

Lelouch and C2. LOVERS?

Setsuna F. Seiei from Gundam 00. LOVE HIM. :)

WOW. FINALLY FINISH. It's been a whole day! HAHA.

I DO like some comments! XD More coming soon? OH YEAH. Tanoshimi.


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