Sunday, October 5, 2008


I LOVE collecting anime DVDs. Woot! It's getting to mountain top already! Still very far! Oh noooo! Need more!
LOOK! LOOK! Just make sure you don't come to my house and STEAL everything I'll send you to a place worse than prison. :)
[A bunch of anime and jap drama DVDs in my bro's room, top of his table. :D]

[The "inside" of my... not mine.. my bro's friend's Code Geass DVD.. MAN when he's gonna burn it for me! XD The 4th disc is mine though wakaka..]

[Look at it and see properly! What does it look like to you? :D GAY. That's right. LOL. Cause I kena jangkit penyakit "suka gay" by Sher Yee that's why I-LOVE-IT. Hahah. But my penyakit is stronger than hers. VERY. Guess I watch how many times already? Nearing 10! WAKAKA. So romantic and sweet. AND RARE TOO! :)]

[Another bunch of a anime DVDs in my brother's room. :X]

[All these are in my bro's room. My room bo ui liao(no space). I only keep mine, and shows I like in my room. :)]

[I KEEP ALL THESE in my own room. Well I scattered it cause I wanted to take this picture. SHOW OFF! :XX Some of them is I borrow from friends and burn it and make a cover of my own.]

[One of the best, Persona Trinity Soul, haven't watch. Hmm hmm.]

[Clannad+Movie. Kinda dumb at first. But not bad. Funny and cute. And the guy is HOT.]

[*imitates gollum* My.. PRECIOUUSSSS!. the FUNNIEST ever.]

[Code Geass cover... not mine not mine T_T]
It doesn't look enough! GAH! I'm gonna getcha getcha, getcha MORE!~
Wanna borrow? ASK ME. AHAHHA.
That's all! wooooooooooooooooooooooo~

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