Friday, October 10, 2008

Natsukashi Omoi..

I got bored.

About one more month+ it will be exactly a year since I travelled to South Korea.

I suddenly missed Korea, so I've read my
Korea blog once again.

It brings back fun and sweet memories.

Yeah, I know, that person too :)

It made me laugh sometimes, the fact that I can't believe I'm so overly obssessed with Xiao Xiao XD

And the fact that I took MANY photos and talked about him so much.

I kinda missed him too. *blush*

Two makes One.

I want to go Korea again, with my bestest friends and cousins or my only ONE in life! REALLY looking forward to it!

Don't you want to travel with your friends too? Or your girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife? Fiancee? Family ? And your kids? :)

Travelling is really a wonderful thing! You can get NEW experiences, fun, a greater relationship, further understandings, new adventures, and then you LEVEL UP! (i play too much games X.x)

The boring parts of travelling is you have to sit STILL in the airplane for hours! Unless you going somewhere near. I once went to Europe and yah, it's really FAR, have to change about 2 airlines, or 3, I don't remember, to reach there! OMG My poor back aching like mad! :) And one more fact is you have to wake up really early and walk alot everyday because there are many places to visit. But it's really worth it. I SWEAR. :)

Those that don't like travelling I suggest that you have NO LIFE, NO FUN, and NOT ADVENTUROUS. :) The 3Ns. LOL zzzz.

I wanna go to ...
Some more? GEEE I FORGOT.



again! If only I'm a filthy rich ladeh. sniff sniff.

What do you think? You wanna travel? :D

FIND ME next time so that I could go with u! If you don't find me a bore. ToT


PS. This post looks like a tree. I just noticed! :D:D:D:D!

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