Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hitotsu, Futatsu to

ohisashiburi! it's been a while since i updated PROPERLY. XD it's only about a week you fool! O\\\\O


I can't believe I made a suckish card in photoshop. WHO WANT TO SEE IT?! I HATE IT. It's not pretty at all! T_T I won't put the link to the original pic. Just thumbnail. KAY?! :D
I didn't get to go out, and then I'm low on $. T\\\\\\T ...

and i already sent the mail to mom.... 8D! It was supposed to be printed, then fold. LOL. lame.

the GazettE ~ animation

- anime version of gazeboys! OMG SUPER CUTE!! especially uruha! ♥

Sebastian Michaelis ; #1 character song - Anata no koe ga iroaseyou tomo

- GAH. I'm in love with Ono's voice now :3 i repeated almost 10 times a day *dies*

Sebastian Michaelis ; #2 character song - Tsuki no Ame (Rain of the Moon :D)

- not that nice for me, but it's still Sebby who sings it :3 ♥

D-Gray Man - Musician (piano)

- piano version of the song after this video... T\\\\\\\\\\\T it's beautiful...
who wants it download here... 8D

D-Gray Man - Tsunaida te ni Kiss wo

- it's a fanvid, english and romanized subtitle. :D
- it's soo touching i almost cried T\\\\\\\\\\\\\T ♥

D-Gray Man - Tsunaida te ni Kiss wo by Sanae Kobayashi

- it's the scenes where Allen is gonna play that song in the previous vid :D ♥ i love it. ALLEN! ♥ T\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\T

LM.C - Punky ♥ Heart

- NEW PV! YAY! ♥
- GAH. AIJI! 8D ♥ WAO. that's a lot of pink. XD

Kokia - Follow the Nightingale [PV]

- LOL. i find the pv boring. but i LOVE the song! YEAH!
I LOVE KOKIA! :3 although she look like an aunty without make up

doushite koko ni umaretan darou
ima kono jidai ni
nani ka imi ga aru hazu
sotto ikakete miru ISN'T LOADING FOR ME!!!!!!

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