Saturday, March 7, 2009

i WANT daburu 0 season 2!!! :D

*point2 to that icon* CUTE RIGHT?! Lockon and Setsunaa!! *SQUISH SQUISH* Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!~ *dance with them*

Today didnt do much stalking! Not 'new' bands! hahah! XDD
last nite sleep at 10+, wake up at 9.30am LOL! SO LONG~~ Tired ma XD
OHNO! I'm sick once more! My bad cough is back again! NUUHUUU!! ;_; It's worse than before T^T! Since before Chinese new year until almost recover, and then it's back!! GRRH! Mom say it's sinus ~_~ It's soo disgusting!! pui pui ! The greenish phlegm EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW!! *throws vomitting look* Nyahaha! XD Soo kurushii laaa... *SIGH* I remember I went for operation @ my nose before when I was a kid becuz of bad sinus! OMAIGAY~~!! I still rmb how is it like! O_________O!!

I've got photos to upload but lazy transfer from camera! BUHUUHUU~~ :P Actually not my pic.. just my thingys.... =u=!~ And I bought new calculator! YEAY!! Feel so bad cuz mom had to pay for it... *sad face* ... OMG! The laptop's mouse's wire can take out wan! O.O! But can put back.. and it works again... swt =u=V shit shit! sometimes its not working~ *tap tap tap*

OHHHHHHHHH. Yesterday before moral paper, cuz got quite alot of time. Dunno how we got to the topic. Me, Sherie, Kimberley and Ee Ling, talk about what we wanna do end of this year, which is when we end our last year in high school, and most of all, SPM! ERGH. I said I wanna go do part time etc! I wanna go to The ONE Academy! XD HOOHOO. That day saw this paper thingy about Taylor's College campus day, then automatically Taylor's became my second choice of college! HAHA~!

Then bla bla blaaah. Craps craps. It made me excited! I WANNA QUICKLY END HIGH SCHOOL. IISH. Ee Ling said should we go swimming together something like that, O.O! SHY LEE~~ I won't wear bikini! WAKKAAKA OMFG. Ookokokkok dunt think too far. Then go Sunway Pyramid la, Genting Highland la.. etc. Sherie said she want and she will! EH? I thought she going back Singapore after SPM? She say she will study in KDU for a year first then only go. OH~ YAY! I'm SO HAPPIE! I love her! Nyaaann~ :3

*stares at everyone's boring faces* okay... I'll end my boring speech here =.=
SPEAKING OF SPEECH! Yesterday announcement, about anyone who wants to join the Japanese Speech contest thingy held by some japan foundation. I'M INTERESTED. So does Sherie. But it was too good to be true *cry* .... It was for those who took jap lessons before... YERRRRRRRR SONNAAAAAA~~! ;_____; Cuz needa write our own manuscript. The prize is soooooooooooooooo FILLING!! Grand prize is 10 days trip to Tokyo! Expenses, air ticket all paid! OMG! And free tour program! ARRGGHH~~ Include cultural activities, home stay, sightseeing, and interaction with high school students! OMGGGGGGGGG. I WANTTTTTTTTT!!!! 2nd prize was, 2 candidates, go to Osaka, Kansai to attend the "Japan Foundation 2009 Japanese-Language Program for High School Students"! AAAAAAAAAAAAA. How frustrating to lose this chance! ;_; I've no prob with pronounciations(sherie said i speak like japanese XD!!), just... ~_~

Ah so lazy to type more. But still it happens ~_~

aisehman! *piack my forehead* I duno what else to type haha! OHYA~ XD How I did my exams? HMmm. Overall of-course-not 100% PERFECT. It's ok ok. I don't think I will have failures, I think HAHA! XDD

iish! Dunno how hor, today surf surf LJ suddenly saw one Gundam 00 icon(cuz damn nice), then I surf this fella's graphic site, aomidori, OMFGGG! THE WHOLE LAYOUT GUNDAM 00! OMAIGAY!~~ FYI I'm a big fan of G00 aka daburu 0 XD! KYAAAAAAAAA~!


Yes he iss!! I love Setsunaa! ♥_♥ He's my fav G00 character! OMG! Season 1 he looked more young and cute cute. OMAIGAY! NOW HE LOOKED SO DAMN HOT. *point point at the colobars* damn hot rite?! Who else got watch?! Ini anime yang totemo popularr wan tauu!! :33 NGH NGH! Oh yeah! His cast is also Mamoru Miyano! Which is the cast for Zero(vampire knight) etc etc. KYAAAA~~! *continue to stare at the colorbars* I WANT SEASON 2 DVD!~~~!!~!! *runs around nudging everyone* everyone watch edi only me havent.. ;_______;

Oh yah! Actually that day start watching S.A Special, cuz ytd Sherie borrowed me her D-Gray Man, Zero no Tsukaima 3, and Macross Zero. OMG ZERO NO TSUKAIMA 3! FINALLY! Then I buay tahan, I start watching Zero no Tsukaima season 3 XD! And I borrowed her my Devil May Cry and Mars Daybreak. En en! *nod nod*

The Gundam Meisters!
Top : Hallelujah Haptism omg he's even hotter in season 2 now! *glomps*
Left : Lockon Stratos is he alive? or is it his brother hmmm. I miss him!
Right : Tieria Erde first time when I watch this anime I thought he was a girl! HAHA~
Bottom : Setsuna F.Seiei MY FAVE!! XD ♥__________♥

OMFG. I WANNA EAT UP SETSUNA! You have grownnnnnnn!! :3333 ♥♥
Eh? That girl what name again ah.. Forgot... ~_~ Marina Ismail.. YOSH! I REMEMBERED! After like almost a year since I watch season 1. HAHAHAH!!! *laughs like a mad politician* Btw, he and she is an Islam person. En en. XD I forgot his real name T_T!

I drew (copied from the printed picture) him! YEAH! I only have great copying skills. ;_;

SCREW's new look! OMAIGAY!! (issh i keep saying that XD) HOTNESSSSSSSSS. I still prefer taking my own Screenshots heheeh! :3

TEMPTING! ♥ Whats the new song name again.. Racial Mixture? Hmm. XD

BYOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! *jaws shaking* you... you.... *faints*

Byou-sama! I LOVE HOW YOU LOOK THAT WAY. ♥_♥ I noticed many of the vocalists love to stick their tongue out like that. I LIKE ♥

OMAAIIII! KAZUKI! Love his eyes and the lip ring! AH! SHIT. I seriously wanna pierce too! AWWWH. ♥___________♥ And I like that kuroi bara (black rose) XD!

O.O! Jin! His hair color. WAW! It's soo.. predatory... O.O~~~

Manabu~~!! Abit like Miyavi ROFL. NICE NICE I LIKE :D. Whole thingy black *thumbs up*

Yuuto-chan! I like teh curls! XDD ♥

I really like Aoi's personal photoshoot this time! I REALLY DO. Which is my my LJ is now him him LOLOL~ Nyaaan! *sends guilty look to Uru* I'm still loyal to you Uru ♥
So lazie crop crop... so I post those I like... ngehehe!

He don't look like himself! :D ♥


I LOVE THIS TOO WOOHOOO! ♥♥♥ *wrong focus* OOPSSS =u=

One of my faveees too! I love this pose! :333 ♥

RED IS THA BESTO! :))))))))))) ♥

YEAH! ♥ The best of all is this!! *CHUUUUUUUU~~~* ♥___________♥

So gentleman! HOOHO. ♥

Somehow I just love this. Don't ask why XD ♥.♥

!! (now only posted bcuz last night got dc)

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