Monday, March 16, 2009

I want the 7th Pamphlet!! T^T

Oh NUUUUUUU. I keep repeating this one song. *point2 at my blog song* XD
I've been like, thinking for a few days? LOL. I... Okay la. I decided. I'll listen to what Nao says. *looks at him @ the corner of my eyes* HAHA. BUT! SHIKASHI! DEMO! ~_~ I want the GazettE's 7th Anniversary Pamphlet! ;_; Anyone know where I could get them? AWWWWWWWWWWW. *stares at everyone hopefully*

AAAAHAHA. Since I feel like it now. Imma post the pamphlet pikkus! LOL. Firstly, *editedit* may take a while... OHSHITMAMAPUPUKAKAKAKAKAA. The drills are starting again!! WAAATHAAAFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I CAN'T HEAR MY SONGS YOU ***************. xD. EEEEEEp. I think I just post those I likeeeeeee most. *is a lazy bum* ... O.O But it's almost all HAHAHAA. Whadever.

Ruki's sooo RED... *oh my beloved red =u=V*
Uruha's sooo GREEN... *why not cyan? glares at kai*
Aoi's sooo BLUE... *totally him!*
Reita's sooo YELLOW... *O.O...*
and Kai's sooo... CYAN..? *shrugs* 8D

So cute. ♥

KYAAAAA. I ♥ this! :DDDDDDDDDDD Ruki-samaaa! :3

This again? EEEEEEEE. I like it canot?! XD ♥_♥ bathtub. *bites table* He pose like this is soooo smexy :3 loose shirt *Q*

MOAR LOOSE SHIRT! GAAHHAAA. ♥________________♥ Shimaa! Shima-chan!! :D

♥.♥! *stares at....*

AAAAAAAAARGHHHH. So tempting! I wanna rapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ♥

Love this tha most. ♥_♥!!!! His arm like that... his chest BARE... *goes and sit beside him* :DDDDD

OMAIGAAAAAY! I LOVE THIS PIKKU!~~ ♥_♥ I LOVE MASTER SEME AOI. 8D He looks like master seme right? RIGHT? =u= ... And that... *melts*

2nd to this! ♥___♥! His eyess sooo dark daarrk, that poseeeeeeee, that hairstyleee!! That expression! GAHHHHHHHHHH!! *runs in circles* THAT ARMCHAIR. *bangs table*

... in preparation to go meet the uke Uru. *yeah right*

YEAH. I LIKE THIS. *point point* ... O.O polka dot... =w=V.....

*bite table again* KYANNN! That 'flexible pose' *Q*

He looks like he wanna grab something. :DDDDDDDd ♥

OH! Chessboard! XD idk play *shrinks*

OMAI! That 'thing' is revealing too! *Q*

I like this pose of Kai! KAKKOI!~~~~ *copycat*

FAVE pic for Kai! NYAAAN!~ :3 ♥_♥ looks soo emo~ :D

goodbye distress and coma... T^T

I love those items they used.
Esp the candles, and bathtub. LOL! :D

OH SHIAAAAAAT! JIALAT! I'm into Gundam00 again!

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