Sunday, December 7, 2008

Versailles Addiction!!

Wtf. What's wrong with you tube? Can't go in wan? Or is it just me? -_-V Fine.
I was enjoying watching gaze vids this morning and early afternoon, clicked to watch another vid, canot, page load error? Internal server error? Okay la. I wait. Just now tried again a few times, still canot? -_- .... Sienz D; I wanna watch Junjou Romantica season 2's latest episode leh!! ._.

Kyo! Downloaded songs by Aural Vampire, 176BIZ, Daizy Stripper, and Phantasmagoria. And some PVs. ;D Yesterday was Lolita23q, gosh LurVe their songs! XDDD Lalala. Sad to know that Tara from 176BIZ left the band T_T he was so cute T_T..... Nvm, the cutest, Setsuki is still there ! ;D

Back to being an Otaku. ;D Woke up at 10.40am today. Went to watch some vids in youtube, watched some Versailles live ;D, gosh I fell in love with them again!~ XD Teru~ ;3 He's such a beautiful beast xD. Kamijo, the poor thing, he's sick during live but he still continue! TwT I'm proud of you D';

During Shout & Bites live, xDD~ I found a scene I love most! WOOHOOO!! Kamijo and Teru are soo soo close xD~ KYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~ (◕ω◕) ❤ ❤ ❤ Kamijo went over to Teru's and put his arm over him, lalala XD~ Put the microphone that he's using to Teru's mouth so that Teru could sort of growl(well that's part of the song), WOOOOOOOOOOO!~ HAHAHAHAH! I'm so excited! Lalalala....~ Ureshi~~~~~~ XDDD They are now officially my 2nd fave Yaoi lovers! NYAHAHAHAHHA!~ First one? Uruha x Ruki loh. Lalala~ I made this! WOOOOOOOO! Yeah I know it looked so fake T-T... and sweeeeet! XDD

Kamijo x Teru xDDDD

What? Don't like Yaoi? Don't like guy x guy? YOUR PROBLEM LA. d^_^b
Lalala~ STFU I keep saying lalala ._.p
Aherrrmm~ Firstly some random pics... xDDDD

Ruki and Uruha on a romantic date! :D
See how lovey-dovey both of them is!

(actually it's not date... T.T)

He's lost! :O
I've gotta bring him home! :D
See he's looking for me!
Hahahahah! xD
So crazy ~
As if I could.. Lalala~
(this was not my idea ._. ;D nyahahah)

*bangs wall*
Enough for goofiness ;D
Chat with babe today xD. We're as high and as bored as usual hahahahah! She let me watch this really cute ScReW comment vid XD!

- Kazuki SEXY!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D
- Byo... OHMYGAWD... *nosebleed*
- Jin... NYAAAA you're so cute! XDDD
- Yuuto... aww why so quiet? ;D Shy shy~

Kazuki, your fault this time. I've fall for you again xD. Byo x Kazuki is also officially one of my fave Yaoi lovers~

Lalala. I went to Versailles members' blog today, Hizaki's was empty? ._. Teru's and Jasmine's blog has the most pics, xDD Grabbed a whole bunch of it! HOHOHOHO! I realized Teru is a camwhore-er! XDDDDDD
Same thing, pics are not in order hohohohoo!

I've said before that Versailles new single coming December 12nd right? XD That time I only found Kamijo's, now I got all of theirs! Thanks to the lovely Jasmine You, got it from his blog nyahahahahaha! LOVE their outfits for this single!!!! The best of all ;DDD

Such a beautiful face.
And yes, that hair really suits you xD.

Really pink and white this time :D

Teru ❤ ❤ ❤
Actually the outfit is DAMN NICE.
Looks like he's got the wrong pose xDD.
Lurve his mini hat too ;D
Look at the sexy thighs!

Jasmine You
I LIKE your dress color! :D:D

OH my you look gorgeous here! :D
AND AND, your HAIR! :D:D
*goes nearer to him and examine the property*

I found Jasmine in a bathtub. Why wasn't without clothes? XD

The elegant princess Hizaki ;D

. That pose attracts my attention ;D TERU!!!!!!!!!!! XDDD

OOOhh, soo feminine ;D

No idea who's in the middle ;X

It's 'on top of Jasmine's head'! :D LOL!!!!!! What's with the sparkle's honey? xDD

Jasmine's beautiful nails, and roses! Woaaah.

OMFG. It looks so yummyy. Especially the sexy egg! :O :O :O!!!

Jas taken a pic of Yuki reading in the hotel room. XDDD! GOOOD SHOT! That's amazingly cute! XD Awww his legs are in the blanket ;D

WOW! Nice colors! XD Wait, is that real? Or just colored? hahahah.

---- Now For The Cutest Pictures For The Day ----
The one and only Teru x3



Don't look at me! This pic was edited by himself!
;D Aww Teru~ You love yourself so much yeah? xDD...


SO SO SO KYUTEEEE~ ❤ ❤ (v) ❤ ❤
I wanna squeeeeeeeze you ;3

"Nee, Teru-kun~"
"Ashite yo!"
And Teru falls off the chair.

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