Sunday, December 21, 2008

Alice Nine - The Beautiful Name

Alice Nine
The Beautiful Name PV

OMFG! Shou's back with his very very dark colored hair!!! ♥
I LOVE him in brunette! :D So so ORIGINAL~

HEE. The song's not bad! I like the starting part, the music~ Got one part "sekai no owari de" LOL that reminds me of Code Geass R2 2nd opening, World End by Flow. xD Anyway, found the pv download so I downloaded it MUAHAHHAHAH!~!! Plus the pv mp3 rip LOLOL~ So fast out leh~ ! I like the landscape too!~ XD Can't wait for the next pv!~ ILY Shou ♥
Today went to Alice Nine community hor, I realized how behind I am xD. Must update myself liao!~ Arisukyuu!! HERE I COME!~~~~~~~~

Looks like they're in some flying ship XD!~ NICE RIGHT?! XD

Ohhh.. I melted.... ♥

He sings soo passionately ♥.♥

Shou!!! ♥

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