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I'm so touched

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TwT I wanna cry liao. *cries fakely*
Actually today wanna online and watch more gazette vids on youtube (woke up at 9.30am), in the end I connect modem but cannot! *bangs wall* So, I had to wait for bro to come back around 4pm+ and settle for me! -___-" (noob la hor)

Just an hour plus before I was trying to find some vids in youtube, in the end I found was many many piano versions of the GazettE & Alice Nine songs. At first lazy watch de, since it has SO SO many views, aiyah cincai la~ watch jer~ xD First one was, piano version by a Gaze fan, piccolloy, the song is Chizuru, WAAAA... hao gan dong TwT... she/he played so beautifully I wanna cry.. soo touched.. from a really "hard" song become so soft it inspired me to watch more of it, there are Cassis, Guren, Burial Applicant, Reila, Regret, and Wakaremichi. And for Alice Nine's, got Mirror Ball, Tsubasa, and Ruri no Ame. I ❤ Tsubasa's piano ver!!!The starting part sooo awesome! XDDD... And Ruri no Ame x333. Yes all those I listened wan is by piccolloy, AMAZING ❤, one more extra is Nightmare's song, Alumina piano ver, it's from Death Note(anime) ending theme. Another

WAIT, I belum habis. Got guitar+bass version also. Jay the guitarist (kind cute ^^). But looked kinda emo when playing guitar haha! That's not the main thing, shh shh. He got play many guitar version Gaze songs~ DAMN COOL SIA!~ So far I only watch Guren & Cassis by him. Hmm there are Alice Nine ones too, like Tsubasa, Mirror Ball, Rainbows etc. Wanna listen go to his channel bah xD. Anyway, their piano and guitar notes thingy is owned by them, most of it lol. They are so so talented TwT I'm jealous + envious + touched. Cause I can't play any instrument, only vocal *grins + fake vomitting*. Last time got chance play piano but.. HAIH... "no use crying over spilt milk" :D.

I'm posting those I LOVE MOST ❤. But ALL ALSO NICE!!! I'm gonna list down the links to it too. (chiak pa siao eng)

[ALL by piccolloy]

the GazettE - Regret ❤❤❤

the GazettE - Reila ❤❤

the GazettE - Cassis ❤❤

Alice Nine - Ruri no Ame

Alice Nine - Tsubasa ❤❤

[ALL by Jay ; not full song but more than 3 mins]

the GazettE - Cassis ❤❤
(guitarx2 + bassx1 = he playing Uruha's , Reita's, and Aoi's part)

the GazettE - Guren ❤❤

Alice Nine - Tsubasa

[by hikarimoro]

the GazettE - People Error
(original song is also piano xD ❤❤❤)
I'm not sure but, there are many fans saying that for this song is played by Reita? Or Ruki? Or both? I'm amazed totally! :D LAWL. TELL ME!

&& For the BEST of ALL
the GazettE - Guren 紅蓮 ❤❤❤❤❤
[by Jay & piccolloy ; BOTH TOGETHER ; OMG it sounds EXACTLY like the REAL SONG!!! xDD]


That's all the superb ones! XD Anyway not only GazettE and Alice Nine, there are others too, like Nightmare, D'espairs Ray etc. Aiya I forgot what I wanna say =X. *think hard*

Btw, here are the links for other plays of other songs. ;;
[by piccolloy]
the GazettE - Chizuru ; HERE .
the GazettE - Wakaremichi ; HERE .
the GazettE - Burial Applicant ; HERE .
Alice Nine - Mirror Ball ; HERE .
Nightmare - Alumina (Death Note anime ending theme) ; HERE .
[by hikarimoro]
the GazettE - Miseinen (live ver.) ; Part 1 HERE ; Part 2 HERE .

[by Jay]
the GazettE - Calm Envy ; HERE .
the GazettE - Nausea & Shudder ; HERE .
Alice Nine - Mirror Ball ; HERE .

AH. FINALLY. Tired sia. Weeee~ Got a long long post here, GOMENASAI! TwT. I just can't help it. I wanna be like them too~~ Obviously if they (especially Jay) were to become famous next time, I'll surely.... HEHEH!!! XDD

GOOD LUCK TO THEM! xD Looking forward to MORE! Weeeee.... Photobucket



(continue dazing..)

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