Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mom's *NEW Recipe xD

YO! Let me introduce to you the latest, the BEST soup I've ever had in my 16 years life!
*evil laugh*
About 2 weeks ago, my mom invented new recipe.
It is the HOT DOG SOUP. :D
Since I've been blogging these days, I'm surely to post it up! :D
I'm not sure how she cook this, I'm gonna try making it myself one day! :D
I asked mom how to make, the ingredients are black pepper hotdog, meatball(optional), cabbage, dunno wat mee is that(optional), and other veggies if you want(optional), and WATER! NO WATER NO SOUP! XD one more thing she say, it needs meat taste. LAWL? I @@ liao.
Firstly, boil water. 2nd, put in hotdogs, then the veggies, let it boil. I think that's the way I'm not too sure cuz that's how she briefly explained to me. xD Well obviously right? USE COMMON SENSE.

VOILA! This is how it looks like, many optional options :D. Oh ya it's already quarter or half eaten because I'm the one takes the most xD.

"Come nearer to me...", whispered the Dishes. LOL.
What do I eat with? THIS! Chicken cook with chicken curry powder. MY FAV. YuMMMeHHHH :D
I ate one bowl like THAT. xD WOW I'm BLOATED xD
Hit me on my tummy I'll spit.. not spit... VOMIT out soups+hotdog+meatball+veggies+chicken+rice to your face ! WAHAHAA
eeeeewwwwwnesss X.x
I still got my own and my bro's recipe, gonna post this week!
And it's REALLY simple, I've EXCELLENT proof(s) that it is YUMMY.
But leh, it's also HOT DOG. The main dish :D And eggs.
What proof? Ask Yuanny a.k.a Y3 a.k.a Yike Yuan(she tried both mine & my bro's recipe) and Shu Yi a.k.a Shoey(she tried my bro's recipe). =D
Don't know them? Wanna try it? I'll cook for you! :P
Will post soon! WAKAKA.

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