Monday, October 13, 2008

funny icons!

Funny/CUTE GazettE icons + vid!
WAHAHA I laughed like SHIT.
See from left to right :D

Uruha MUAAHH, Uruha Fell when bowling-ing HAHAHA cute, Reita washing floor xD

Uruha copycat Reita's actions XD, Aoi and Uruha touching xDD!!!, Reita being called but duno from who

Kai and duno who KISS xD, Reita frustrating, uruha : want a piece of me?! XD

The bear's looking at Reita, OMFG ruki touching his ***, Uruha & Aoi lovey dovey xDDD

Hit back hahaha, lover?xD

For the Uruha bowling-ing then he fell, awww poor uruha xD, watch this vid, it's just 27 seconds. WON'T DIE LA! XD First one Uruha, 2nd Ruki(with red hair streak), 3rd Aoi(with sunglasses), they say got Kai but I can't spot him = =" Nice SCORES! :D

Thanks to people in LJ! (forgot who alrd T_T)
*puppy eyes*

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